Tuesday, December 26, 2017

It certainly that time of year again with the hustle of the holidays and the New Year is quickly approaching!! Hello 2018 it is almost here and surely you are aware that it has already begun the New Years resolutions begin.Everyone begins to set new goals for the up and coming year, from quitting smoking to losing weight,to start exercising regularly. So how did you do? Did you have unmet goals?

You aren’t alone. In fact, most of us live with unfulfilled aspirations, which is why the self-help industry is booming industry.Many widely used self-help techniques fail to deliver results.

Here is a story you may have heard before the “Yale Goal Study” where researchers were said to have interviewed the graduating Yale seniors in 1953, asking whether or not the students had written down specific goals that they wanted to achieve. Then twenty years down the road the researchers looked up each student and discovered that the 3% of the class who had written down their goals had accumulated more personal wealth than the other 97% combined.

Very compelling story, however complete fiction.

Best selling author Richard Wiseman went on a mission to craft a response to the bogus self-help techniques. Using a diverse range of scientific data he uncovered a proven approach to achieve any goal and it goes like this (Do This) and (Not That).They are from Wiseman’s book, 59 Seconds Change Your Life in Under a Minute.

Do This: Make a Step-by-Step Plan.
-If you are serious about achieving your goal, then you need to create a step-by-step plan on how to do it.
-Successful goal-achievers break down their overall goal into sub-goals. Each sub-goal needs to be concrete, measurable and time-based.
Not That: Motivate yourself by focusing on someone that you admire.
-Studies show that focusing on someone you admire is not a strong enough motivator to see you through your goal.

Do This: Tell Other People About Your Goal.
-How badly do you want to achieve your goal? If you want it bad enough, you’ll tell your friends and family.
This technique works on two levels. First, you’ve put yourself on the spot by letting the world in on your goal, so it’s all-eyes-on-you. Failure would be public. Second, your friends and family are there to offer support and encouragement. Don’t underestimate the psychological power of having someone in your corner.
Not That: Think about the bad things. 
-When you focus on the negative it becomes your reality.

Do This: Focus on the Good Things When Achieving Your Goal.
-Remind yourself of the benefits associated with achieving your goal.
-Make a checklist of how life will be better once you have achieved your goal. This gets your focus on a positive future, one that’s worth the effort.
Not That: Try to suppress unhelpful thoughts. 
-Rather than trying to erase that image of chocolate cake from your mind, learn to deal with the reality of temptation head-on.

Do This: Reward Your Progress.
-Studies show that attaching rewards to each of your sub-goals encourages success.
-Your rewards should never conflict with your major goal. When aiming to lose weight, never use food as a reward.
Not That: Rely on willpower.
-Willpower alone rarely gets anyone to their goal.

Do This: Record Your Progress.
-Make your plans, progress, benefits and rewards concrete by expressing them in writing.
-Use a hand-written journal, your computer or a bulletin board to chart your progress. This process is priceless for maintaining motivation.
Not That: Fantasize about life after achieving your goal.
-Daydreaming is fun, but simply fantasizing about your new life will not make it a reality.
Are you ready to achieve your goals once and for all?

Why not start off 2018 by joining us for The Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Awakening Series 9 week cycle starts March 5 Thursday 730pm

Opening your chakra's and allowing the flow of energy to flow through your body will ultimately refresh your body, spirit, mind and soul and will empower your life.As we move through day to day life we get caught up in the busy world and lose sense of ourselves.We are constantly bombarded with electrical energies which can wreak havoc on our own energy fields causing the flow of energy to be disrupted or blocked. Fortunately, the soul has a natural instinct to heal. It is constantly communicating with us and telling us what it needs through our bodies, our feelings, our relationships, our dreams, our art and our dance. Once we attune ourselves to our souls language, deep healing can begin to take place.
Chakradance workshops are a journey inwards. We use spontaneous dance,specific music, guided imagery and mandala art to journey through the chakra system.

You can reserve your place to the next series cycle at our website
www.bodycircuitforher.ca or find us via our
Facebook event page

Monday, December 29, 2014

Fit and Lean in 2015 Grand Prize $1000

Its that time of year when you slip on your jeans and find yourself with the holiday muffin top. Take the 30 day ‪#‎fitandleanin2015‬ challenge and your chance at winning $1000.This is a VERY SMALL, exclusive group, so your chances of winning are very good! Must join by Jan 6th to be eligible for the $1000 Cash Prize. Call Sonia 604-783-4790

Thursday, October 16, 2014

76 Days left in 2014 Were You Successful ???

Well can you believe it! There are only 76 days left in 2014 and we will once again arrive at another new year. No I am not going to talk about the new year quite yet. Lets talk about the days left in this current one and did we arrive at all the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.Time for a little check in.
Were you successful in everything you set out to do? Will you have them all accomplished before the year is up? Did you take responsibility and follow through with a daily action plan? Did you come up short?

I took a good look at all mine and I have to say I did accomplish some of them, however I didn't hit all of them yet, but that's okay because they will continue do be worked on until they are completed. Sometimes our time line doesn't line up with the universal plan and there can be any number of reasons for that.The only thing we have to ask ourselves is did we give it our best did we implement the steps necessary every single day. Did we take action? How about you? Have you taken a look at your list? Do you still have time to get some of those done before the year is complete? If you put down 20 lbs as a goal and you have only lost 10 you still have time so just regroup re-plan and get going. Finish off 2014 strong and get ready for 2015.

Sonia Chernochan

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chakradance-Unleash the Spirit Within

Please come and explore Chakradance Sunday August 10th 230 pm at Healing Movements Studio as we explore.

Muladhara-The Base Chakra- The Dance of Instincts
The dance of the base chakra draws inspiration from tribal dancing.These dances are liked to our roots, survival and grounding. In Chakradance we envision dancing around an ancient campfire, bringing our own tribal dance to life. We also draw inspiration on the natural movements found in the animal kingdom.Shamans believe that animals can teach humans the power of instinctual energy and animal dances are deeply entrenched in shamanic ritual. A tiger,snake or dragon may join you- all animals whose energy coresponds to the base chakra

Monday, July 28, 2014


I have finally got the Chakradance page up on Facebook. We will keep you updated on classes and workshops coming up.Please feel free to follow us hereas well look for us on meetup.

Stay Tuned