Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Journey - The 30 Day Cleanse and Replenish

Well its been 14 months since I started my Isagenix journey and what a trip it has been. As a Personal Trainer working in the fitness industry we are constantly bombarded with offerings of gadgets and systems but at the same time we are always looking for new and innovative ways to work with our clients that will benefit them and make them and  us more successful at what we do.

At the end of April  2011 I received a call from a Personal Trainer Tamara Kosaba we had a great chat on the phone and as it turned out although we didn't know one another we both knew the same people interesting how life works sometimes it really is a small world. Anyway we set up a time and day to meet for a cup of coffee, well she had to cancel and then the following week I had to cancel, life is dynamic but finally at the end of May we hooked up it was a great time of getting to know one another. During our chat she asked me to have a look at Isagenix, after discussing it with her I was intrigued so that day I ordered my 30 day  cleanse and replenish system.

On June 4th I started day 1 of the program and by day 3 I seemed to step out of a foggy brain which I didn't even know I was in. By Day 3 of the program my husband said to me "Can I do this?" He noticed how much more energy I had. I called Tamara and told her that my husband was going to try the Isagenix program too. We ordered another 30 day cleanse for him and got him started on the program with me right away. As he began the program he started to notice changes in himself as well. Over the next month I noticed a lot of changes, first it started with increase of energy, sleeping way better than before, I had no more sugar cravings they were virtually gone and total clarity of mind.We were feeling pretty amazing!!!!

During that 30 day period some of my clients noticed the changes and wanted to do what I was doing however I really wanted to see what would happen with me before I jumped on some band wagon, I had to know everything about the company, the products Isagenix makes and the studies done. So hence the learning began .

Well I have to say by Day 30 of the cleanse I was impressed. I intentionally did not follow the program correctly, hence (my skepticism ) but it was clear, 10 pounds down and 10 inches lost with out even changing my workouts. Well with my results it did not take long, and  many of my clients jumped on board with me and they too have had phenomenal success.

Stay tuned the journeys not over yet over the next few weeks I will introduce you to the products I have used for the past year and what I do on a daily basis to take care of my health and well being

If you are interested in better health for you and your family check out the website , I truly believe that Isagenix offers a better way to your health and a whole lot more. Feel free to contact me for your free no obligation consultation 604-783-4790
We have an amazing team of coaches with many different backgrounds to help you achieve total wellness

Sonia Chernochan owns a Fitness Company in Surrey / Langley BC and is a Registered Fitness Trainer