Monday, October 8, 2012

Off to a Great Start of the 90 Day Challenge

Well we are off to a fabulous start of the 90 Day Cleanse and Replenish Challenge. As always the results never cease to amaze me and I am always excited about weigh and measure days and to hear about how great everyone is feeling. I believe when everyone reaches that 90 Day marker they will be happy they took on the challenge
The word cleansing usually conjures up thoughts of having to be close to a bathroom, I assure this is not the case with our system. Cleansing has been around for thousands of years but fortunately for us in the western world we have a formulator that has put a system together that is easy to use and simple to follow and works on the body’s cellular level.While removing toxins ,it floods the body with vital nutrients while restricting calories therefore causing weight loss in fat without sacrificing your lean body mass. Main stream diets don’t do this, they sacrifice both.

Since my initial 30 day system with a weight loss of 10 pounds and 10 inches I went directly into maintenance and have been in maintenance for a year. In the past year I had dropped another 5 pounds without any effort on my part but continued to have regular cleanse days every so often. As always I love experimenting so after one year on the system I decided to see what would happen and I quit taking everything for 4 days. For me, I wanted to remember how I felt before I started the 30 Day system. I had been feeling so great the past year with so much energy, less fatigue, sleeping way better, and more focused in my daily tasks, with greater clarity of thought. Well needless to say I will not do that experiment again it was a huge eye opener for me, by day 4, I was tired again, not sleeping as restfully as before, and I was finding it difficult to stay on task throughout the day and my energy was virtually gone. It took me a few days, back on the system and once again I experienced what I had initially felt the first time I went on the program.

As a Personal Trainer, specializing in Sports Nutrition and being on the system myself for the past year and a half, it has absolutely changed both my approach to my personal, as well as my client’s health and nutrition solutions.

If you are ready to make a change and are looking for more energy and weight loss I encourage you to give me a call at 604-783-4790 that’s the first step then you and I can find a solution that fits for you and I will coach you through the program.
 There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose but maybe a few pounds.
Sonia Chernochan PFT,SNS,RP