Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Temptation is just around the corner……it’s called the Holiday Season!!!

Yes I said it, Christmas is coming and with that is an over indulgence of comfort foods and spirits and with that a whole pile of calories attached too. Every year we do the same thing. I think they call this a habit. Well let’s define the word habit from the dictionary, it says: an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary ie. a habit of looking both ways before crossing the street or driving your car and then not realizing how you got to your destination. We go about doing things without even thinking about it.
 Enter the sub conscious mind. This is the part of your brain where everything   you have ever learned has been downloaded and stored. Isn’t that amazing! Well yes it is but it also can be a problem when it is not to our benefit, which takes me back to the original issue of extra calories over the holidays. It can happen without you even realizing it, because we have been conditioned to do the same thing year after year and then we start with planning our new year’s resolutions. Let us look at a typical day below.

First it is the early morning rise on a dark rainy day, we hurry to get ready for work as we are running late because we hit the snooze button for that extra few minutes, no time for breakfast so you run out the door and hit the drive thru for a hot cup of coffee with maybe some of those fancy things they mix up; you know, the half cafĂ© caramel dbl watcha ma call it, an maybe one of those healthy muffins. All right well you have set the tone for the day, as the day continues you are so busy at work you can’t leave your desk and you didn’t bring a lunch cause you were running late so you just skip it, instead you just grab a coffee from the lunch room and as it turns out Betty did some Christmas baking so quick sugar fix it is and then back to your office and finish off your day. Then it’s back in the car to head home from work. When you get there your significant other tells you about their Christmas work party that evening which you completely forgot about and off you go to a big buffet dinner. Now this doesn’t happen exactly like this every day but see some of the patterns in your own life, things you do without even thinking about it. Now let us enter another part of the brain.
The conscious mind this is the part of your brain that is responsible for logic and reasoning, this controls all your actions that you do with intention and in the present moment and is the director of your sub conscious mind. So whenever you are aware of what you are doing you can be confident that you are in your conscious mind. This becomes the programmer of your sub conscious mind, so therefore if you are conscious, thinking with logic and reason your day might start to look like this.
Sunday rolls around and you are planning your week coming up, so you are thinking (conscious mind) okay let’s start with planning the meals for the week, you stop to take a look at the calendar to see where you are and what your plans are for the week ie. Work schedule, family commitments, and holiday functions and fitting in your daily exercise, now you are in the moment,” the present moment” and you start to plan for the week by preparing meals in advance knowing where you will be, what days you have family gatherings which always have comfort food and spirits, hence those extra calories, but if you are prepared well before hand and you have been kind to your body and fed it well throughout the day and have committed to your exercise schedule then this will help you not over indulge at all those gatherings. In doing this over and over again we are creating a new habit which will be downloaded to your sub conscious mind and there you have it we have created a new positive habit. I know this may sound so simplistic but really everything we do as humans becomes habitual and habits can be changed so work on creating new positive habits this season and just maybe you will be able to avoid jumping the New Year’s band wagon of extra pounds
Sonia Chernochan