Saturday, December 28, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: New Year,New Life,New You 2014!!1

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: New Year,New Life,New You 2014!!1: As the new year approaches and I reflect on the past year of events,  I am excited at what 2014 brings for me as I take the time to set my g...

New Year,New Life,New You 2014!!1

As the new year approaches and I reflect on the past year of events,  I am excited at what 2014 brings for me as I take the time to set my goals for my personal life, spiritual, health, professional, and financial.How about you? What do you do to set yourself up for the New Year ahead.

I have done vision boards in the I found them a bit vague non specific just lots of pretty pics, crafty I am not.This year I am taking the time to display the things I want to accomplish with the specific steps,costs,time ect to accomplish them. This way I am staying focused until the goal is attained and I can add a new one when completed.I have a list for each area and have listed them in order of importance that way I can take one from each category as needed.

I think the hardest thing to accomplish is finding balance and staying organized, this allows me to make sure I am always working on all areas of my life on a daily basis in a systematic way.I will let you know how it goes!! Would love to hear what you do to keep your life in balance.

Yours in Good Health
Sonia Chernochan

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Something you need to know!!New Year Revolution

A big thank you to all my clients that were able to come out to the end of the year Christmas Party.Once again I am grateful for all of you in my life as much as I may help you all year with your goals you too help me in mine as well so for that I say thank you.Sorry to those who were not able to attend do to illness or scheduling issues.I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! During the party we had a discussion on New Years Resolutions so wanted to share my take on it with the rest of you that were not there.

Well its that time of year again as we rush to get everything ready for Christmas stressed out drinking and eating excess calories all the while saying to ourselves in the new year I will get back on track with my exercise and proper eating in January hence begins the new years resolution again....Not....dont do not set yourself up for another failure.

Every year about this time all we hear,see and read about is the three biggest new years resolutions the need for  more money, to quit smoking and to lose weight.All this comes from all forms of media and we are bombarded with it daily and then we buy in and start creating all these goals that are likely unrealistic.Sure we are saying all the right things but really have we given them any tracks to run on, in most cases NOPE we just talk talk talk,that wont get you anywhere except another failure and another excuse to say oh I will start again next year, here you go hamster on a wheel we do it year after year.

Okay I am going to be brutally honest with you!! So you don't need a specific date to start a goal,you start a goal the day you decide that your sick and tired of either smoking, being broke and not having enough money or being overweight.First decide,then you need to plan,and by that I mean you need to sit down and write the goal out with the end in mind and make sure each step is realistic for where you are at and where you want to go,give it life and energy. Get a support system in place so that when you start to waver there are people that support you to help keep you on track.Feel free to contact me to help get you started in the right direction.

Yours in Good Health
Sonia Chernochan
We help women become physically and financially fit!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Maintain Dont Gain this Holiday Season !!

If you want to avoid the unnecessary weight gain over the holiday season,then join our Maintain Don't Gain  which starts Dec 2. We will show you how to get through all the holiday festivities without ending up with an extra 10 pounds attached to you.Then you will be prepared to head into the New Year New You 2014 with more energy,vitality and resolve to reach your goals in 2014. Contact me today so we can get you started

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do not wait for the New Year!!!

Its that time of year again when we start heading into the holiday season.This is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone and also it can be a stressful time too,with the New Year arriving before you know it.I am not much for New Years resolutions,most people start them and fall off them just as quick.I regularly set my goals and do not need a special day to start them.I simply have mine set up quarterly,every 90 days for every area of my life,now I have to admit sometimes I don't reach every single one but that's okay I add it for the next 90 and I focus on what I have been successful at, acknowledge my accomplishment and move on to the next.If you are worried about the holiday weight gain set your goal now so it does not happen,checkout the link below and get started now!!!Free health analysis and coaching provided.Look forward to hearing from you

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Baby Steps

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Baby Steps: Blog By Caszie Schoeber PFT,GFL We've all been through it - the lull when, for some reason, we've stopped exercising and can't ...

Baby Steps

Blog By Caszie Schoeber PFT,GFL
We've all been through it - the lull when, for some reason, we've stopped exercising and can't get started again. It could be for a great reason, too - you have to work overtime, you've had an injury that forced you to stop moving, you've experienced some kind of stress or trauma that became your number one priority.

Even when we have good reasons to slow down, we can still be hard on ourselves, calling ourselves lazy or a failure. When the time to slow down has passed, it can be even harder to get back into the swing of things. Before, you were cruising and enjoying every workout, no matter how brutal. Now, you don't even want to think of taking the dog for a walk, let alone exercising for an hour.

How do we get our motivation back?

I've been dealing with a chronic injury for over a year. Its frustrating because it's slowed me down and limited what I've wanted to do. So instead of finding alternative exercises, I used the injury as an excuse and my fitness has paid because of it.

But no longer.

Getting back to where I used to be feels overwhelming (and depressing that I can't do some of the things I could once do). But baby steps are all I need.

To get back in the swing of things, I just need to start with a short term plan to get moving. This goes along with the SMART goals I've written about earlier.

So, this week I'm going to walk 1 mile, three times a week.

After week one is over, its time to plan week two - a one mile jog, three times a week, and one weight training session.

Week three - a one mile jog, three times a week, and two weight training sessions.

The goal is to reform the habit, and to do it slowly so that it isn't overwhelming. The motivation will come, just give it time. For now, just take some baby steps.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Visualize Your Desires

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Visualize Your Desires: We've talked about selecting SMART goals that will help you achieve the life you want and the future you desire. Now it's time to vi...

Visualize Your Desires

We've talked about selecting SMART goals that will help you achieve the life you want and the future you desire. Now it's time to visualize. And what better way to do it than with actual images of the things you want? You even get to be creative!

A vision board is a tangible expression of your goals, your dreams, your wants, your desires. All you need is a list of the things you want and a platform of some kind to display them.


The List:

Sit down for a couple of minutes and think about all of the things you want in your life and in your future. You can go with whatever comes to you or break it up into categories (relationships, career, health, fitness, education, travel, etc.). Write it all down. Now, go through old magizines, photos, internet images, anything you find that inspires you and reflects or depicts the items on your list. Look for images, but also look for words/concepts (like "Love", "Family", "Happiness"). There are no limits. This is your vision board. It's all about you.

The Board:

After you've collected all of your images and clippings, get a large piece of poster board (cardboard or a corkboard can also be used) and start gluing. Keep going until the board is as full as you'd like. After you're finished, display the board somewhere you will see it everyday (bedroom, computer room, office). When you pass by, pause a moment to take it all in and think of a positive affirmation, like "Yes I can have everything my heart desires."

You have your goals. Now, you have your board. The next step is all action!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Love Every Inch

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Love Every Inch: Has someone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes? Or arms? Or legs? Odds are you've received a compliment about your appearanc...

Love Every Inch

Has someone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes? Or arms? Or legs?

Odds are you've received a compliment about your appearance at least once in your life. Maybe you laughed and said, "I know!" Or maybe you just smiled in thanks.

But did you believe it?

My man compliments my appearance all the time. Usually my response is a thank you. But my attitude is more or less: You're a little crazy, Sweetie. Plus you're supposed to say that.

I have trouble believing it, so I find an excuse instead of accepting the fact that someone thinks my body is absolutely perfect.

If I don't believe I'm perfect, if I'm not grateful for the body I have, it will never matter how many compliments I get. I will just keep making excuses.

We all have 'flaws', areas we want to change. And sometimes it's necessary to change them if they are unhealthy to your body and life.

But instead of focusing or obsessing over those flaws, try the opposite approach. Find one thing about your body that you are grateful for. Just one thing. For example, I like the patch of skin on the outside of either eye - its soft and smooth.

Once you find your already perfected body part, write it down. And then tomorrow, do the same thing.

If you find new things every day, great! If you keep repeating yourself for days on end, don't worry about it. Just continue to be grateful.

It's not easy, so take baby steps and focus on the little things. Give gratitude a chance to grow. And in time, perhaps you'll be loving every inch of the skin you're in!

What aspect of your body are you grateful for?
Caszie Schoeber

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Embrace Your Truth

“I am beautiful.”
“I am perfect.”
“I love my body in every way.”

How many times have you told yourself something along those lines? Probably not very many. 

And what if you did?
I'd be lying, you say?
Not so.
You'd simply be affirming yourself.

Affirmations are an important step in changing self-image. If you don't love your body now, with all of its strengths and weaknesses, you're not going to truly love it when you're 10, 20, or 30 pounds lighter.

Low self-image comes from deep inside us – we cannot expect to heal from the outside in, to “get skinny” and for everything to suddenly be okay.

So even though you may feel like it’s a lie, telling yourself you're beautiful and perfect is actually a statement of pure truth. It just may not sound like it because many of us have been telling ourselves that we’re ugly and flawed for such a long, long time.

Affirmations take time and dedication. If you've been carrying the 'I'm ugly' lie around with you for many years, then it’s going to take a while to turn it around.

Just keep saying those affirmations. Set an alarm on your phone that goes off with your phrases every hour. Write them out in huge bold letters and tape them to your mirror. Maybe even stand naked in front if your mirror and repeat them over and over again.

Do whatever you want, whatever you can think of. Soon it will come naturally. And over time, you'll really believe it.

And why shouldn't you?

You ARE beautiful.
You ARE perfect.

Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Written By
Caszie Schoeber

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: What's Your Reason?

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: What's Your Reason?: Another great post from our Caszie!!!! WHY? Why do you haul yourself to the gym after 8 long hours of work? Why do you enroll for anothe...

What's Your Reason?

Another great post from our Caszie!!!!

Why do you haul yourself to the gym after 8 long hours of work?
Why do you enroll for another round of boot camp when you know it will make you ache all over?
Exercising is hard work that makes your muscles feel like they have been torn apart and crunched back together- over and over again.
We all have reasons for putting ourselves through it. Are these reasons externally or internally motivated?

Common motivating factors are:

Get Skinny
Lose weight
Look Fit
Wearing a bikini

The above reasons are external motivators based on outward appearances. While these kind of reasons may be valid, they may not lead to long-term health success or, more importantly overall happiness. If you want to get skinny so people view you in a certain way- will be impressed by you or maybe even jealous of you-
you're  putting more value on other people's opinions than on what really matters.

You are already perfect. Your are already beautiful. You don't need to be skinny or wear a bikini to become that.

On the other hand, internal motivators come from within yourself, operating from your own values:

Increase your Strength
Gaining Endurance
Feel Energized
Slow the aging process

Internal motivators are for you and you alone.They become a driving force leading you to feel a sense of accomplishment about yourself (and your body), that can last a lifetime.

So take the time to get healthy and do it for yourself'- because you deserve to be strong and energized.
You are capable of great things.All you have to do is try.

Why do you exercise?

 Caszie Schoeber

Monday, April 8, 2013

Shake it Up!!!!!!!

This weeks blog is written by our very own Caszie Schoeber. Caszie not only has a passion for fitness but also has a passion for writing as well.Thanks Caszie look forward to some more posts from you along the way

Need to amp up your workout? Break out of a rut? Or just give your butt a resounding ‘Get out of bed and out the front door!!!’?
Why don’t you add a little spice to your wellness and try to incorporate goals.
I know, I know. It’s just one more thing to think about. With work, traffic, bills, children, groceries and significant others, a woman’s mind is usually running on overdrive.
But in order to get healthy – not just lighter on the scale or slipping into tighter jeans…I mean the true, inside and out, ‘I’m thrilled to be alive and I want everyone to know it’ kind of healthy – it’s important…nay, essential…to think about yourself and what you want out of life.

If you’re new to fitness, just start with one goal for this month. It could be something like ‘Exercise three times a week” or “Drag myself out of bed for every early morning boot camp class”.
If you’re an old hat at exercising, try out several smaller goals, like “Complete 20 push-ups without pausing with correct form”, “Hold Plank for 2 minutes straight”, or “Decrease my rest time between exercises”.

Now make them “SMART” goals by answering these questions:
·         Specific – What exactly is your goal? (Think Who? What? Where? When? Why?)
·         Measurable – How will you know when it is accomplished?
·         Attainable – Why is the goal important to you?
·         Realistic – Is your goal something you are willing and able to work towards?
·         Timely – When will your goal be accomplished?

After you have decided on your goal, write it down in BIG BOLD LETTERS. Put it somewhere you see it every day (the bathroom mirror, your phone’s home screen).
And then tell someone about it – your trainer, your sister, your friend. Make someone hold you accountable. Ask them to check up on you, see how your goal is coming along. Set up your own, personal fan base. Maybe even start a health blog to track your progress.
Because then, you can’t make excuses. You can’t bury your head under your pillow without knowing that you’ll have to explain to your BFF why you missed a week’s worth of workouts, and have her stare at you with her brows raised, a ‘this is me holding you accountable’ look.
You can succeed at your goals. In fact, you deserve to succeed because you deserve to be healthy.
Try it out and see. Your success begins and ends with you.
You can do it!If you would like to read more on smart goals go to

Written By
Caszie Schoeber from Team Body Circuit

Monday, March 11, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Our New Website as been Launched!!!!!!!!!

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: Our New Website as been Launched!!!!!!!!!: Hey Everybody, There are so many exciting things going on at Body Circuit, I am happy to say we have just launched our new website this pas...

Our New Website as been Launched!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everybody,
There are so many exciting things going on at Body Circuit, I am happy to say we have just launched our new website this past weekend. I want to send out a big thank you to Sharlene Kamachi for getting it all done so far there has not been any glitches!!!!.There soon will be a members area as well with great recipes,workout routines, videos. All current clients will soon receive an email to access the members area.

We have also launched the 90 Day Health Challenge in partnership with another fitness company Muevelo Fitness working together to change peoples lives with amazing nutritional cleansing,fitness classes,life style coaching and on going support.If you are ready to get into to your healthiest you then I encourage you to come out and learn more this coming weekend.If you cant make it no worries feel free to contact me at the number below and I can give you the details via the phone.

Boot camp fitness sessions will be moving outdoors April 8 2013. Zumba fitness will remain at Tynehead Hall on Monday nights all details can be found at the new website. If you are not on our newsletter you can signup at the website this will keep you informed on the spring/summer boot camp and personal training specials coming this spring!!!!!!You dont want to miss out on those!!!1

Thanks Sonia Chernochan 604-783-4790

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Fixes to Finally Get You Losing Weight!!!

If you want to lose weight, tone your body and your feeling frustrated. Listen up! Here are 7 blockers need to get a handle on.

Block #1 your mind.
It starts in your mind, however most of us will sabotage ourselves before we even get started, why? Because we have been here before. Just saying the word "diet" will get that brain remembering every time we tried it and is time to start reprogramming your thoughts right from the start.
  • Take a few moments each day to visualize yourself at your ideal weight. Imagine how would you feel to look the way you always wanted.
  • Protect your mind from any negative talk, if you have a negative thought cancel the thought replace it with a positive...just try it, you will be amazed at how things start to change. Changing your thought something like I am healthy, attractive and at my ideal weight.
  • Give up the belief that you cannot achieve it. See it in your mind and then in the mirror

Block #2 Fear.
Sometimes change can cause people to feel fear, and at times you're not even conscious of that fear. This is when we really need to pay attention and be honest with ourselves, what am I afraid of?One guy I really love is Tony Robbins. He is absolutely a great motivational speaker and in my opinion a no BS kind of guy. He has 3 specific beliefs  you must have in order to conquer your fear and instantly create a lasting change. 

  • Believe that something must change. You can't be wishy-washy about it. You can't be considering it. You can't even be pretty sure about it. You've got to be rock solid.
  • Believe that you must change it. You can't pass the buck of responsibility and expect to lose weight. Its on your shoulders. Other people will prove to be great asset in your journey, but in the and you are the one who is going to make it happen. You have to want this weight loss enough to make it your personal mission.
  • Believe you CAN change it.You may have failed in the past,but that doesn't matter.When you put your mind to it,your'e able to do amazing things.Do you believe that you are capable of losing weight?Once you own the belief you can,you will be unstoppable.
Block # 3 Excuses
An excuse takes less immediate effort than an action,but in the long run. The action taker always has the advantage. Do not allow excuses to run your life any longer.
  • Don't skip out on your responsibility with excuses, instead expect more from yourself.
  • Focus on the big reason why you are losing the weight. Make a list of the benefit that you will enjoy once you reach your goal, read them every day.
  • Remember that you only have 2 things in life; excuses or results. Which do you want ?
Block#4 Commitment
How many times have you started an exercise program or nutrition plan and then gave up a week or two later. This is really simple think of the commitment to yourself as someone else you committed to and didn't want to let down,because we all know that if we personally made a commitment to another person we would complete that obligation because we would not want to let that person down.....make a commitment to the process.
  • Then gap between success and failure is bridged by your commitment. Don't stop until you have achieved your goal.
  • Treat exercise with the same importance as a work meeting,and you will never skip it at the last minute.Schedule it in your calender in pen and stick to it.
  • If you don't quit, then you will never fail!!!
Block # 5 Nutrition

If you consistently put the wrong foods in your mouth then all the exercise you do will be for not,to be blunt if you continue to eat highly processed foods, sugar and high fructose corn syrup you will be spinning your wheels forever trying to get there..Replace these types of foods with lean meats,vegetables,fruits,seeds,nuts and grains.
  • Don't eat processed foods.Even though processed foods are accepted by our society,they contain tons of chemicals and empty calories that will make you sick and fat.
  • Fat contains twice the caloric density of protein and carbohydrates from plants and grains.
  • Vegetables,fruits,nuts,seeds,and grains are filled with fiber and antioxidants which are vital for healthy weight loss.Snack on these instead of packaged.
Block #6 Expectation
It takes time to transform your body from fat to fit, even though you want it to happen overnight,remind yourself that it took time to put the weight on so it will take some time to take it off.When you find your patience wavering,or when you hit a plateau, try the following

  • Review your goal, is it reasonable and attainable, rather then  being grand and monumental?
  • Make each workout new and different by changing the exercise, intensity and activity
  • Remember that anyone can have a great workout but the only way to get what you want is to be consistent with your exercise and nutrition.
Block #7 Support
People who workout alone are less challenged and accountable and are more likely to fail which is a recipe for disaster.
  • Find a workout partner who is just as committed as you are to guarantee your results.
  • I am passionate about seeing you achieve your results- don't waste your time,energy and effort on mistakes.
  • When you start a program with me, I will be in your corner, coaching you each step of the way,keeping you accountable to your workouts and giving you that dose of encouragement when you need it most.
If you need assistance for your exercise or nutrition plan we are here to help.Call for your complimentary consultation. You can reach Sonia at 604-783-4790 or email or visit our website

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Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: New Years Resolutions!!!!

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: New Years Resolutions!!!!: Well another new year has started, the first month of it is almost done what will 2013 bring for you? Are you like many other people and ha...

New Years Resolutions!!!!

Well another new year has started, the first month of it is almost done what will 2013 bring for you? Are you like many other people and have made New Year resolutions, well you only have eleven more months to get it done! What is a New Years resolution and how is it defined, quoted from Wikipedia.

“ A New Year's resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. A key element to a New Year's resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings. People committing themselves to a New Year's resolution generally plan to do so for the whole following year. This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous.”

Okay so what are the most common resolutions made every year, let us compile a list of just 10, first being well we all know this one.

1) Lose Weight
2) Eat healthy and exercise regularly
3) Quit smoking.
4) Better work/life balance
5) Pay off debt
6) Save money
7) Get organized/complete to do list
8) Spend more time with family/friends
9) Take a vacation
10) Increase income

So with that said which ones were on your list from last year and now that we are into another year how many did you accomplish? The ones you did not accomplish are they on this year’s list?  Most New Year resolutions last about a month, don’t feel bad most people do this year after year, honestly, as I type this with a bit of laughter, I think, it has become another habit we have created.

 Okay so how do we change it, well first, let’s stop saying things, just saying something does not make it happen, an example would be I want to lose 30 pounds this year, okay so that sounds simple enough, but what does that really mean do you have a plan? Well yes I am going to eat healthy and exercise regularly, awesome that’s a great plan, but in saying all that does it have substance or traction to move you forward?

Alright so what is the first thing to do, well get the thoughts out of your head, get a pen and paper its time to give it substance, traction and definition. I know we have all heard this before write down your goals, but really, there are definitely great reasons to do this. When you put the pen to paper and begin to write things that are specific, measurable and vivid your brains reticular activating system begins looking for opportunities that will help you reach your goal. These are neuro-pathways which filter millions of facts, images and information it then sends it to your conscious mind to help you attain your goal. So the idea of “I want to lose 30 pounds” sounds good but it requires a little more to it to give it some substance and traction. You may want to be more specific with a time frame like I want to lose 30 pounds within the next 90 days from today, so include an end date this tells your mind when it should be done by. From this point you can also begin to break down those 90 days by adding activities that will assist you from week to week, things like how many times you will commit to your exercise routine and scheduling specific times and days. Pre planning all your meals ahead of time knowing what you are doing week to week. This gives you substance and traction to reach the goal. Your mind then begins to work in the back ground so to speak to make sure this happens.

I know for some people they will say who has time for this. We all have busy lives and responsibilities. I know for sure when it comes to all women we put ourselves last on our own list just for our family, friends and work obligations. Okay here it comes yes I am going to say this “that’s wrong!” Historically and ancestrally we have learned to do this from generation to generation so maybe it is time to change that. A great way to do that would be to include your spouse and children in the activity so they may learn to set their own goals with time frames and action steps. Done together this can teach everyone in the family about setting goals, making an action plan and giving it a time frame. In around about way through doing the activity you will be also showing them how to put themselves on the top of their own list. So when they have a thought, idea or a  dream which they turn into a goal they will have the necessary tools they have learned that will help them achieve it.
 I encourage you to take the time to put yourself on the top of your list, look at your goals for 2013 and apply some actions steps so by the end of this year you will have completed what you set out to accomplish.

If you are looking to lose weight,become leaner and want more energy please contact Sonia for a free consultation!! That would be an action step, go ahead and take the first step!!!

Thanks Sonia Chernochan PFT,
You can reach Sonia a
or call 604-783-4790