Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Fixes to Finally Get You Losing Weight!!!

If you want to lose weight, tone your body and your feeling frustrated. Listen up! Here are 7 blockers need to get a handle on.

Block #1 your mind.
It starts in your mind, however most of us will sabotage ourselves before we even get started, why? Because we have been here before. Just saying the word "diet" will get that brain remembering every time we tried it and is time to start reprogramming your thoughts right from the start.
  • Take a few moments each day to visualize yourself at your ideal weight. Imagine how would you feel to look the way you always wanted.
  • Protect your mind from any negative talk, if you have a negative thought cancel the thought replace it with a positive...just try it, you will be amazed at how things start to change. Changing your thought something like I am healthy, attractive and at my ideal weight.
  • Give up the belief that you cannot achieve it. See it in your mind and then in the mirror

Block #2 Fear.
Sometimes change can cause people to feel fear, and at times you're not even conscious of that fear. This is when we really need to pay attention and be honest with ourselves, what am I afraid of?One guy I really love is Tony Robbins. He is absolutely a great motivational speaker and in my opinion a no BS kind of guy. He has 3 specific beliefs  you must have in order to conquer your fear and instantly create a lasting change. 

  • Believe that something must change. You can't be wishy-washy about it. You can't be considering it. You can't even be pretty sure about it. You've got to be rock solid.
  • Believe that you must change it. You can't pass the buck of responsibility and expect to lose weight. Its on your shoulders. Other people will prove to be great asset in your journey, but in the and you are the one who is going to make it happen. You have to want this weight loss enough to make it your personal mission.
  • Believe you CAN change it.You may have failed in the past,but that doesn't matter.When you put your mind to it,your'e able to do amazing things.Do you believe that you are capable of losing weight?Once you own the belief you can,you will be unstoppable.
Block # 3 Excuses
An excuse takes less immediate effort than an action,but in the long run. The action taker always has the advantage. Do not allow excuses to run your life any longer.
  • Don't skip out on your responsibility with excuses, instead expect more from yourself.
  • Focus on the big reason why you are losing the weight. Make a list of the benefit that you will enjoy once you reach your goal, read them every day.
  • Remember that you only have 2 things in life; excuses or results. Which do you want ?
Block#4 Commitment
How many times have you started an exercise program or nutrition plan and then gave up a week or two later. This is really simple think of the commitment to yourself as someone else you committed to and didn't want to let down,because we all know that if we personally made a commitment to another person we would complete that obligation because we would not want to let that person down.....make a commitment to the process.
  • Then gap between success and failure is bridged by your commitment. Don't stop until you have achieved your goal.
  • Treat exercise with the same importance as a work meeting,and you will never skip it at the last minute.Schedule it in your calender in pen and stick to it.
  • If you don't quit, then you will never fail!!!
Block # 5 Nutrition

If you consistently put the wrong foods in your mouth then all the exercise you do will be for not,to be blunt if you continue to eat highly processed foods, sugar and high fructose corn syrup you will be spinning your wheels forever trying to get there..Replace these types of foods with lean meats,vegetables,fruits,seeds,nuts and grains.
  • Don't eat processed foods.Even though processed foods are accepted by our society,they contain tons of chemicals and empty calories that will make you sick and fat.
  • Fat contains twice the caloric density of protein and carbohydrates from plants and grains.
  • Vegetables,fruits,nuts,seeds,and grains are filled with fiber and antioxidants which are vital for healthy weight loss.Snack on these instead of packaged.
Block #6 Expectation
It takes time to transform your body from fat to fit, even though you want it to happen overnight,remind yourself that it took time to put the weight on so it will take some time to take it off.When you find your patience wavering,or when you hit a plateau, try the following

  • Review your goal, is it reasonable and attainable, rather then  being grand and monumental?
  • Make each workout new and different by changing the exercise, intensity and activity
  • Remember that anyone can have a great workout but the only way to get what you want is to be consistent with your exercise and nutrition.
Block #7 Support
People who workout alone are less challenged and accountable and are more likely to fail which is a recipe for disaster.
  • Find a workout partner who is just as committed as you are to guarantee your results.
  • I am passionate about seeing you achieve your results- don't waste your time,energy and effort on mistakes.
  • When you start a program with me, I will be in your corner, coaching you each step of the way,keeping you accountable to your workouts and giving you that dose of encouragement when you need it most.
If you need assistance for your exercise or nutrition plan we are here to help.Call for your complimentary consultation. You can reach Sonia at 604-783-4790 or email or visit our website