Thursday, April 25, 2013

Embrace Your Truth

“I am beautiful.”
“I am perfect.”
“I love my body in every way.”

How many times have you told yourself something along those lines? Probably not very many. 

And what if you did?
I'd be lying, you say?
Not so.
You'd simply be affirming yourself.

Affirmations are an important step in changing self-image. If you don't love your body now, with all of its strengths and weaknesses, you're not going to truly love it when you're 10, 20, or 30 pounds lighter.

Low self-image comes from deep inside us – we cannot expect to heal from the outside in, to “get skinny” and for everything to suddenly be okay.

So even though you may feel like it’s a lie, telling yourself you're beautiful and perfect is actually a statement of pure truth. It just may not sound like it because many of us have been telling ourselves that we’re ugly and flawed for such a long, long time.

Affirmations take time and dedication. If you've been carrying the 'I'm ugly' lie around with you for many years, then it’s going to take a while to turn it around.

Just keep saying those affirmations. Set an alarm on your phone that goes off with your phrases every hour. Write them out in huge bold letters and tape them to your mirror. Maybe even stand naked in front if your mirror and repeat them over and over again.

Do whatever you want, whatever you can think of. Soon it will come naturally. And over time, you'll really believe it.

And why shouldn't you?

You ARE beautiful.
You ARE perfect.

Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Written By
Caszie Schoeber

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: What's Your Reason?

Connecting MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL: What's Your Reason?: Another great post from our Caszie!!!! WHY? Why do you haul yourself to the gym after 8 long hours of work? Why do you enroll for anothe...

What's Your Reason?

Another great post from our Caszie!!!!

Why do you haul yourself to the gym after 8 long hours of work?
Why do you enroll for another round of boot camp when you know it will make you ache all over?
Exercising is hard work that makes your muscles feel like they have been torn apart and crunched back together- over and over again.
We all have reasons for putting ourselves through it. Are these reasons externally or internally motivated?

Common motivating factors are:

Get Skinny
Lose weight
Look Fit
Wearing a bikini

The above reasons are external motivators based on outward appearances. While these kind of reasons may be valid, they may not lead to long-term health success or, more importantly overall happiness. If you want to get skinny so people view you in a certain way- will be impressed by you or maybe even jealous of you-
you're  putting more value on other people's opinions than on what really matters.

You are already perfect. Your are already beautiful. You don't need to be skinny or wear a bikini to become that.

On the other hand, internal motivators come from within yourself, operating from your own values:

Increase your Strength
Gaining Endurance
Feel Energized
Slow the aging process

Internal motivators are for you and you alone.They become a driving force leading you to feel a sense of accomplishment about yourself (and your body), that can last a lifetime.

So take the time to get healthy and do it for yourself'- because you deserve to be strong and energized.
You are capable of great things.All you have to do is try.

Why do you exercise?

 Caszie Schoeber

Monday, April 8, 2013

Shake it Up!!!!!!!

This weeks blog is written by our very own Caszie Schoeber. Caszie not only has a passion for fitness but also has a passion for writing as well.Thanks Caszie look forward to some more posts from you along the way

Need to amp up your workout? Break out of a rut? Or just give your butt a resounding ‘Get out of bed and out the front door!!!’?
Why don’t you add a little spice to your wellness and try to incorporate goals.
I know, I know. It’s just one more thing to think about. With work, traffic, bills, children, groceries and significant others, a woman’s mind is usually running on overdrive.
But in order to get healthy – not just lighter on the scale or slipping into tighter jeans…I mean the true, inside and out, ‘I’m thrilled to be alive and I want everyone to know it’ kind of healthy – it’s important…nay, essential…to think about yourself and what you want out of life.

If you’re new to fitness, just start with one goal for this month. It could be something like ‘Exercise three times a week” or “Drag myself out of bed for every early morning boot camp class”.
If you’re an old hat at exercising, try out several smaller goals, like “Complete 20 push-ups without pausing with correct form”, “Hold Plank for 2 minutes straight”, or “Decrease my rest time between exercises”.

Now make them “SMART” goals by answering these questions:
·         Specific – What exactly is your goal? (Think Who? What? Where? When? Why?)
·         Measurable – How will you know when it is accomplished?
·         Attainable – Why is the goal important to you?
·         Realistic – Is your goal something you are willing and able to work towards?
·         Timely – When will your goal be accomplished?

After you have decided on your goal, write it down in BIG BOLD LETTERS. Put it somewhere you see it every day (the bathroom mirror, your phone’s home screen).
And then tell someone about it – your trainer, your sister, your friend. Make someone hold you accountable. Ask them to check up on you, see how your goal is coming along. Set up your own, personal fan base. Maybe even start a health blog to track your progress.
Because then, you can’t make excuses. You can’t bury your head under your pillow without knowing that you’ll have to explain to your BFF why you missed a week’s worth of workouts, and have her stare at you with her brows raised, a ‘this is me holding you accountable’ look.
You can succeed at your goals. In fact, you deserve to succeed because you deserve to be healthy.
Try it out and see. Your success begins and ends with you.
You can do it!If you would like to read more on smart goals go to

Written By
Caszie Schoeber from Team Body Circuit