Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Home Workouts Versus Gym Workouts....

Its the end of the day and you just finished work your on your way to the gym to get a workout in before you head home to manage the family.You pull into the parking lot and slowly cruise through trying to find a parking spot or wait for someone to leave,you begin to be frustrated finally a spot becomes available and you pull in and head inside.Upon your arrival there is a bit of a line up of people coming in, trying to scan there cards and the front desk is busy so you wait your turn to scan in. Yes your in  and head to the change room to get your workout clothes on and find a locker to put your stuff into and your good to go.Heading out to the workout area its very busy and your looking for a piece of equipment to workout on,they all happen to be full so you change your plans and warm up another way simply running the indoor track then you go find some weight training machines to get on and its busy so you just set in with others and take your turns. Some people are courteous enough to wipe the machine down when finished and others not so much, okay that was sweaty to sit on, ugh  you move on. That is what it can be like to workout at a gym but there are always pros and cons to everything,you have to decide whats right for you.

Workouts at home can solve a lot of time issues for people,when you take into account that you might have to drive 20 minutes to the gym there and back home 3-5 times a week that starts to add up to hours wasted where as you could just head home and use that extra 20 minutes toward your workout.Setting up an area at home to workout in is not difficult and can be quite affordable especially a savings for the whole family.You don't need big pieces of equipment to get a great workout, you just need a great workout plan that is functional and uses smaller pieces of equipment that can give you an awesome workout.For the cost of your yearly membership fee at the gym you can get some great pieces of equipment to get you started and you can also have a Personal Trainer help you make that plan and recommend pieces of equipment that will give you the best bang for your dollars.In my next blog I will recommend some great pieces of equipment to get you started!!
Yours in Health
Sonia Chernochan