Thursday, October 16, 2014

76 Days left in 2014 Were You Successful ???

Well can you believe it! There are only 76 days left in 2014 and we will once again arrive at another new year. No I am not going to talk about the new year quite yet. Lets talk about the days left in this current one and did we arrive at all the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.Time for a little check in.
Were you successful in everything you set out to do? Will you have them all accomplished before the year is up? Did you take responsibility and follow through with a daily action plan? Did you come up short?

I took a good look at all mine and I have to say I did accomplish some of them, however I didn't hit all of them yet, but that's okay because they will continue do be worked on until they are completed. Sometimes our time line doesn't line up with the universal plan and there can be any number of reasons for that.The only thing we have to ask ourselves is did we give it our best did we implement the steps necessary every single day. Did we take action? How about you? Have you taken a look at your list? Do you still have time to get some of those done before the year is complete? If you put down 20 lbs as a goal and you have only lost 10 you still have time so just regroup re-plan and get going. Finish off 2014 strong and get ready for 2015.

Sonia Chernochan